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Concert Chorus

Lori Loftus, Founding Director

Tina Peterson, Co-Director

Every Tuesday from 4:45-6:45pm

The Concert Chorus is SCCC’s premier performing/touring chorus. The Concert Chorus is comprised of approximately 70 choristers primarily from grades 7 through 12. Choristers are promoted to the Concert Chorus upon displaying the maturity and musical and vocal skills needed to meet the challenge of learning and performing a large, sophisticated and difficult performance repertoire. It is required that a member at this level regards the chorus as top priority in personal scheduling. A yearly camp is scheduled in October from Friday afternoon until Sunday afternoon.

The Concert Chorus performs regularly throughout Southern California for public and private organizations. They tour nationally and internationally every other summer. The Concert Chorus rehearses two hours weekly, and includes music theory, Kodaly sight singing and ear training. Additional rehearsals are called as needed before tours or other special engagements.

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